Physical Education

The children in the primary grades develop confidence in their physical abilities by participating in activities emphasizing coordination, balance and dexterity. This confidence is utilized by students in the upper grades where the focus is on fitness, health, and good sportsmanship. Instruction is given in baseball, basketball, volleyball, softball, football, group games, dance, and the President's Physical Fitness exercises. Students in grades 4-8 may also participate in organized sports on school-sponsored teams in the Peninsula Parish Schools League. For more information on organized sports, click here or click on the Athletics item on the main menu.

Currently, the Physical Education curriculum at Saint Robert is developed and implemented by Rhythm and Moves Inc. This program has been offered to schools since 1984 and continues to be updated using the lastest scientific and physical education information as well as evolving social demands from our changing world. Please feel free to visit their website for additional information on the teaching style and methods used by this organization.